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Original Poems:

Simple Truth (inspirational)

Incomplete Devotion


Why (dark)


Online Quizzes Results:

Dark Water
You come from Dark Water. You are solitary
and find peace in yourself, or maybe you're
turmoiled but pull off peace.
Where Did Your Soul Originate?
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So goth you're dead!
Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
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Anime Quizzes Results:

Goofy, sweet, and a bit perverted. Usually your type tends to put an outward
appearance of being a nutcase when they actually are quite serious and
emotionally torn....and then some are just nutcases
Find out what anime character cliché you are.

Find out what anime series you belong in.

The eternally lost boy.
Find out what anime bad boy you are.


Do not accept anything simply because it has been said by your teacher,
Or because it has been written in your sacred books,
Or because it has been believed by many,
Or because it has been handed down by your Ancestors.
Accept and live only according to what will enable you to see truth face to face.
~ Buddha ~


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