What am I?
Half human, half demon
Is this the destiny for me?
Cause I never want to be
In this path I've chosen to live
Surrounded by the darkness
Was I meant to be this way?
And I asked myself over and over,
Why, why must it be me?

Run, Run, Run
Never look back
There's no turning back
The wind is blowing hard
A cold breeze in my heart...

Fight, Fight, Fight
No place to hide
I got nothing to lose
The tide is raging wild
Storm thunder in my soul...

What is love?
Not for me, never was
Is there someone just for me?
Even God had punished me
And the world's turning against me
Holding back these tears and fears
Will I survive this endless battle?
So I asked myself again and again,
Why, why must it be me?